Reverberate, a sculptural/sound installation, consists of an empty podium accompanied by an original score composed as a representation of the legacy of a great political leader. The empty podium is stationed in front of both a spotlight and a mirror. 

The installation plays on the themes of absence and agency and the latent correlation of these qualities. The persisting message of this leader finds presence in an ethereal auditory form but visually an absence is tangible.

Independent of interaction, the empty podium may function only as a reminder of a loss. However, if engaged with, the occupied podium can instead serve as a reminder of an individual's freedom, power and responsibility to activate a space and continue to create new meaning.

Reverberate can be experienced either as a viewer or as an actor, audience or agent. The podium can be a symbol or a platform. The role of choice is integral to the development of its significance.

The project was exhibited at Avrofest 2011 - a celebration of local music, art, and a tribute to Jack Layton at The Opera House.