The Nomadic Noise Residency, curated by Labspace Studio, brought together a core group of 24 collaborators – artists, producers, designers, makers, urban innovators – for a five month noise residency in Toronto from March to July 2013. 

The Nomadic Noise Residency aimed to understand the role that noise, sound, and silence plays within the ecology of Toronto, through an ongoing series of experiential group investigations, urban sound adventures, field recordings, social interventions, hands-on workshops, and self-led artistic discoveries.

Together, participants immersed themselves in noisy spaces and seek solitude in unlikely places, while working towards conceiving, developing and building their final projects.

The residency culminated in an exhibition at 99 Gallery from July 26-27th. 

With the active support of both the direct collective and the other participating residents, the members of EQUΔLΔTERΔL produced the following independent projects for the exhibition:

Emily DiCarlo
Called to Action/Your Conditioned Reflex is a performance-based installation that presents a Pavlovian-like experiment to its audience. Looking at the ingrained history of sound as a mass-conditioning tool, the project explores how the bell has become a chief signifier for instructional language. ‬‪Like a recess bell or fire alarm, for those who hear its ring, therein lies the expectation to act responsively and accordingly.‬

W.J. Wilson
Listen is an immersive installation that challenges viewers to answer a question about themselves thus determining their path and experience through the project. Faced with sounds which most avoid on a daily basis, viewers are reminded of the societal and emotional impact of their ignorance. A disregard for humanity and a neglect of their words; people cease to exist because they are unheard.


Jacqui Arntfield
Loud Enough For Anyone To Hear is a study of the speculative narratives we construct around the noises we hear through our walls, examining the strange yet intimate relationships we have with our neighbours. With an equal focus on both others’ sounds and our own silence, the project is a meditation on what of our interiority we can make audible and understood.